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Mystery writer Robert S. Levinson organized the monthly meetings of the Southern California Chapter of the Mystery Writer’s Association that were held in Michael’s Room. The wall outside Michael’s Room quickly filled up with signed book jackets.

Carolyn Wheat wrote “How to Write Killer Fiction” after teaching mystery
Dave Sherman, who calls himself the “Creativity Ninja” took twenty years to write his first book “The Dark Side.”
Leo du Lac was 100 years old when he passed away on September 11. du Lac worked as a licensed contractor and restorer of fire-damaged buildings to support his wife and five children before returning to  writing. 
Mel Cebulash has written in many genres including Young Adult, Sports, and Mystery, featuring Young Adults. “Hot Like the Sun” features 16-year old sleuth Terry Tyndale.
Gayle Lynds, the best-selling author of MASQUERADE created the Covert-One adventure series with Robert Ludlum after he read her books.
Novelist John Shannon grew up in San Pedro. Streets on Fire is one of the series that feature reluctant detective Jack Liffey.
Aileen G. Baron calls writing her 3rd career.
When you’re the former head writer for the successful TV series, “Murder, She Wrote” you can pretty much do anything you want. Which is what Thomas B. Sawyer did when he self-published “The Sixteenth Man” when he got impatient with traditional publishing timelines.


Once upon a time there was the Cadillac Cafe.

A very young Roy Yamaguchi supporting his friends, Baldwin and Doreen Marchack on Guest Chef night.
A very hip business card by former graphic designer Pierre Camps

Chef Jean Bertranou, of L’Ermitage Restaurant in Los Angeles handling a frequent customer!

With the AFI (American Film Institute) less than one mile from the Coffee Shop, it was not unusual to receive student film location requests. Here is one of the many letters we received.

The late Paul Carmello sitting at the counter of the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop with a poster of his lovesong to Los Angeles, City of Angels which was recorded by his friend Roland Valentino..

Our little galley kitchen. There was a small prep kitchen behind the wall, but on a busy Sunday, this tiny kitchen produced over 700 plates.

Tommy “2 Rude” Voris, a former teacher at San Marcos High School in San Diego County started a student band in order to perform at school events. Today, The Fabulous Rudies, is still around, and still performing. A movie, inspired by Voris’ story called Music High, is coming soon from Angelic Pictures.

No recipe needed. Crispy tortillas (must be corn) topped with refried beans, eggs sunny side up, avocado, ranchero cheese and cilantro, on top of zesty tomato-chile ranchero sauce. On the side a freshly made Cappuccino!!