In 1994, a neighborhood Coffee Shop opened in a run-down hotel at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.  Like a perfect storm, the times were just right for an affordable, quirky, full-service restaurant serving breakfast and lunch and great cappuccino.  The neighborhood straddled the border between “Hollywood” and the “Hollywood Hills”.  Hollywood , with its main street Hollywood Blvd,  to the South was a sad and tired remnant of a once proud and promising city .  The Hollywood Hills, to the North was a peaceful and quiet area of wonderful homes with breathtaking views, cozy bungalow apartments, and majestic apartment buildings like the Hollywood Tower.  In the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s the area had attracted  the creative and talented “locusts”  who sought fame and fortune in the film business.   In the 90’s the new “locusts” flocked to the Hills and rented the cheap apartments, mixed easily with the resident legends from an other era, and began to seek their own fame and fortune.