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Like a one man band, set-designer Damon Medlen transformed the former liquor store into an eclectic set with an energy that was palpable. From the cappuccino cup chandeliers, to the Roman statuary,  to the famous book wall, in one month the “SPIRITS” from the Hollywood Franklin had been released and a new chapter had begun.


Nobody was more surprised to be presented with a picture to sign than Eddie Jackson. A bartender at the Abbey, Jackson was not in the business. He wasn’t a struggling actor, writer, director, producer etc. He had a good job that he liked. He made good money and had a nice life. He was a nice guy. So when a friend of mine showed me his latest venture, a male beefcake calendar, I was surprised when I recognized one of our regular customers. Eddie, who I guess wanted to make some extra $$$ and show off his muscles, cheerfully signed his photo for the wall.

After we lost our lease and moved the Coffee Shop to Los Feliz, we were able to use Michael’s Room during the day for private parties and groups. One group that met regularly in Michael’s Room was the Southern California chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. They immediately claimed the wall outside Michael’s Room as the mystery writer’s wall and we dutifully framed and mounted their book jackets. Roger L. Simon is a novelist and screenwriter, who created the character Moses Wine.

Artists Karen & Tony Barone live their Art. Always together, they work tirelessly making it, promoting it, collecting it – and staying way ahead of the curve…from Chicago, to SOHO, to East Tennessee, to Venice Beach to Palm Springs Valley.

One of the kooky things we had up on the Wall. Probably only interesting to me. I love the simplicity of it and the food (wine)stain in the corner.

Bill Kalmenson does it all…stand-up comedian, writer/director, actor-TV and Movies. He plays the clarinet….and he surfs!

Before the internet with its Yelp, and Zagat, and Kevin Eats and Darin Dines, and Eating L.A. ,a review in the L.A. Times or in a local magazine used to be a really big deal.  Now as more magazines cease to exist and the L.A. Times and newspapers in general keep shrinking  its not as critical as it once was.  .