I can’t remember how the Espresso Film Festival got started, but I remember there were three guys interested in it. The idea was that during the afternoon when the dining room we built in the old Liquor store was not being used, we would set up a TV and VCR and show Short Films (Espresso=Short). When one day a giant television arrived, the guy that delivered it prevailed.  (I can’t remember his name, but he is the one  in the photo wearing a light brown polo shirt ). He brought in cameras and film students to create a promo piece for the Festival.  I  remember a tiny  editing suite in the building on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. We spent many afternoons screening the hundreds of VCR tapes that arrived after he put a notice in a couple of film school papers requesting short film submissions for a festival. My hat is off to the many festival judges around the world who have to screen these films. It was obvious after only a few minutes that most of them were terrible. A few of them were pretty good. He edited them into one tape which we played every afternoon for anyone who was interested in watching short films while they drank their cappuccinos.