Kevin Brophy  is one of those actors who has a defining role early in their career (in his case as Lucan, the Werewolf, in 1977,78) that mark and follow them wherever they go. I couldn’t find much on the internet about what Kevin is doing now. His photo from IMDB hardly looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger doppelgänger he was in this photo.

A few months ago I helped a friend,who is a casting director, clean out a storage locker that was filled from floor to ceiling with albums full of headshots. Even though he kept a couple of albums worth of photos, the rest went into the dumpster. I wondered what happened to these thousands of actors and actresses who came to Hollywood to follow their dream and ended up as black and white images in Hollywood’s trash.

Their stories would be a lot more interesting than the ones who stay and pursue a fading dream summed up on an internet page with the “born”….paragraph followed by the “among the roles”…paragraph followed by the “further credits include” paragraph…followed in a very few cases by the “and more recently’ paragraph.

If Hollywood ever produces the Chuck E. Weiss story, however, Kevin Brophy might have a new defining role.