If we had to take a vote for the “First” Family of the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop it would have to be Jeff, Louise, Nora and Michael Davis.
When we first opened in ’94, we had no following and no customers. The previous tenant (the hotel) had alienated customers not created them. We were in a relatively run down section of Hollywood, (creativity and promise to the North of Franklin, up Beachwood Canyon),(despondency and despair to the South towards Hollywood Blvd. with its runaway teens, plentiful drugs & dealers, cheesy souvenir shops and discount retailers.)
And in the midst of the chaos and confusion came the Davis family. From the first time they came in they were family. They lived in the Hills above the restaurant and dined with us at least two, three or more times per week. On many a slow, slow night in the beginning, the Davis family literally helped us pay our rent.

Through the window you can see the old rundown apartments that have been replaced with the sleek, new Hollywood Tower apartments.