We were on the cusp of a brave new world of technology when I hired Warren Seabury to do our PR. Warren, a Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop regular (he loved our spaghetti) ,had worked with songwriter Jimmy Webb and other famous clients for years. He had long since retired from the day to day business of Public Relations, but he knew the principles of PR. These principles did not change even with the new technology of emails, the internet, bloggers, and “social media”. Warren spent a lot of time on the details of our press package including the size and weight of the cardboard insert, the type of manila envelope etc. I rolled my eyes, but when he said “trust me” I went along with it. Wouldn’t you know within one week of our old-fashioned snail mail press launch we were contacted by the New York Times. They sent their Hollywood reporter, Bernard Weinraub, who interviewed me. The Times sent a photographer, who coincidentally captured Michelle Phillips (a former client of Warren’s) eating lunch that day, collected recipes and published a half-page article which was then reprinted in Herald Tribunes all over the world. This taught me a valuable lesson.  There are no accidental success stories in Hollywood!