This is obviously NOT a picture of Kevin Reagan. I can’t really recall offhand what Kevin Reagan looks like, but I’m sure I’d recognize him if I saw a photo of him. However, I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find a photo of him. I remember when he brought this autographed CD cover into the Coffee Shop.   I’d never heard of the Samples, but I liked the design.  I did find a website, and lots of references to his many CD cover designs for pretty well known musicians like Madonna, Bon Jovi, Pat Metheny, Sonic Youth and Guns N’ Roses. He also co-authored a beautiful Coffee Table book about album cover design, called Alex Steinweiss: Creator of the Modern Album Cover.  The limited edition book is available on Amazon for $1000.  He also designed the book, The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for Pretend Chefs which was written by another Hollywood Hills neighbor, Bob Blumer.