If there is a language to food, then Fred Eric speaks it fluently.  It was always enlightening to hear Fred talk about food. He created dishes like a composer creates music, or an artist paints a painting.  Unlike artists, however,  a chef’s creations are consumed after they are created, leaving nothing behind but the plate.  Maybe that explains our current obsession with photographing everything we eat.

Fred always thought outside the box, his ideas unrestricted, and game changing.  His Thai Cobb Salad was a brilliant piece of edible Art.  His Ribeye steak was served perpendicular on the plate leaning against a stack of fries, keeping both sides of the steak dry. He cooked steamed clams in a “Jiffy Pop” type package that would puff up and  capture the elusive “aromatics.”

He would stop by the Coffee Shop for lunch after going to the weekly Farmers Market in Hollywood. And what did this Chef, famous for his creativity order?  A Kid Burger.  Plain patty with melted cheese, 1000 island, and toasted bun.