Gregory Hinton has come a long way since he produced “Reform School Girls”, but this is what he brought in, and this is what we hung on the wall.  Hinton and I used to spend many mornings in the Coffee Shop drinking Cappuccinos and discussing Fine Art (he was a knowledgable and avid collector – who worshipped Jay DeFeo and Bruce Connor), movies, films, novels, and gay issues. He worked for a prominent Hollywood director and he and his boyfriend spent a lot of time in the company of the rich and famous (see the Playbill he had signed for me by Fred Ebb below) and had wonderful stories to tell.  Hinton was a great story teller and whether he was describing something as mundane as tripping while jogging or the time Liza Minelli got locked out of a theater where she had left her purse with thousands of dollars in it, the stories were amazing.  He is a writer (four published novels), producer (films and movies), and curator (he created and produced Out West at the Autry Museum) and last year spent time in Wyoming as a research fellow.