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I don’t know that much about Julie Delpy, except that she was in one of my favorite movies, Europa,Europa and one of my least favorite movies, Before Sunrise.

Before there was even a term for it, Manny and Willette Klausner were “foodies”.   They dine out every night of the year.  They have money to spend and their passion is good food.  They are also equal opportunity diners and they frequented the Coffee Shop for breakfast as well as Three Star Restaurants for dinner. The Klausners were early supporters of the chefs and restaurateurs who were making a difference and raising the standards in Los Angeles. There is no award for being consummate foodies, but a photograph of them in the 528 page book “A Day at elBulli ” by Ferran Adria comes pretty close.

Below is a photo of them at the launch party for The Food Yellow Pages.

Marc Gerald always came to the Coffee Shop with L.A.’s most famous foodies, Willette and Manny Klausner. Gerald worked in magazine editing (True Detective), TV writing/producing (America’s Most Wanted) and book publishing (Old School Books). He now heads the Literary division of The Agency Group in New York.

Bob Blumer, or as he is more commonly known, The Surreal Gourmet, is a published author, Guinness World Record Holder, and culinary host on the Food Network.  This “gastronaut” as he calls himself now spends his time looking for the world’s weirdest and wackiest restaurants.

Tate Donovan had been acting for many years before he started coming to the Coffee Shop.  Back then he was known as Tate Donovan, ” the boyfriend of” rather than Tate Donovan, “actor.” Since then his career trajectory has ascended, including stage, screen, TV, and Directing. I didn’t know him well, but he lived in the neighborhood, and always impressed me with his friendly , unassuming manner.   Looks like he doesn’t need the “boyfriend of” adjective anymore.

I didn’t know Trevor Goddard personally and I never saw Mortal Kombat, but it still gave me a chill when I looked up his name on the Internet and realized that this actor passed away in 2003 at the age of 40.  There is a website  called “Toasting Trevor” dedicated to his memory.

High-fashion model Jackie Stoloff photographed by Willy Maywald, 1951

This letter was sent to Quentin Tarantino in care of the Coffee Shop. I don’t know what it said, because we didn’t open it. We just handed it to him the next time he came to the Coffee Shop. For some reason he always came in on the Monday of a three-day holiday weekend. He didn’t even seem surprised when we gave it to him. He kept the letter, we kept the envelope, which we dutifully framed and added to the Wall.