I wonder if Minnie’s less famous sister still thinks this way.  Eliminating cigarette smoking from public places like restaurants and airplanes was necessary and long overdue (just watching an episode of Mad Men makes me cough). I still remember a meeting of the Beverly Hills Restaurant Association at The Saloon where members had gathered  to discuss the upcoming smoking ban. There were 4 smokers in a room of 50 people. The exhaust system was broken and the air filled with the acrid smoke and odor.  It was obvious if you looked around the room that the majority of the attendees weren’t smoking. It  still didn’t convince the reluctant restaurateurs in the audience.  I left before they took a vote. Time has shown the Chicken Little “sky is falling” smokers who predicted the end of the restaurant and bar business were so very wrong.  I hope Kate has given up her perfect accompaniment to coffee.