Its hard for me to talk about Johnny Depp without talking about Rene.  Rene was a busboy/waiter at the Coffee Shop who used to fancy himself as a ladies man.  He always recalled his latest escapades by referring to himself as “Yanny Deep”, not for any x rated reason, but because of his heavy accent.  He would do a Rudolf Valentino pose and say, “I am just like Yanny Deep.”  So it was a surprise one day when one of the other servers said, “Johnny Depp is on table 48”.  Thinking it was Rene sitting down at a table during his shift I went over to Table 48 to speak to him.  It was my surprise when it turned out to be the real Johnny Depp.  He was sitting with Chuck E. Weiss, an old friend of his from the Viper Room days.  He cordially signed this photograph.

We were never quite sure about who drew this caricature (it was Kirk Mueller), but the guy on the right was definitely Rene!