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Phil Rosenthal is a mensch. (look it up). Every Saturday, the FOP (friends of Phil) including writer/producer Eddie Gorodetsky, plus Phil’s wife Monica Horan and his two children, Ben and Lily, would occupy the large round table in the Book Room (an extension of the coffee shop literally covered with open books attached to the walls and a faux fireplace (created by the talented Chase Harlen…another regular).  Sundays would find this same group at Victor’s Deli down the street.  Before they were given an office on the lot at CBS, Phil and the writers of Everybody Loves Raymond used the back room as a de facto writers room.  Phil’s production company is called, “Where’s Lunch” and after they moved to real offices they still sent a runner each week to pick up lunch from the Coffee Shop. That’s a mensch.

Neighborhood residents, William H. Macy and his wife Felicity Huffman were working actors, but relatively unknown when the Coffee Shop first opened in 1994.  It makes me happy that they both have realized success and recognition in their careers.

Look how young he was in this photo. He came in to the new Coffee Shop with a group of friends. They sat in a booth by the photo wall. Quiet and unassuming, it was a thrill to watch his face light up when I asked him to sign this photo so we could add his picture to the Wall.

Gwen first came to the old Coffee Shop with her band No Doubt, then to the new Coffee Shop with Gavin.  These two could easily be a band called No Pretense.  They were friendly, warm, generous, kind, and loyal.  They usually came in the late afternoon when most of the customers were gone.  I saw them last year with their boys in a deli on the Upper West Side in New York.  I guess they just love Coffee Shops and Diners. We love them.